Mobiles - Living Sculptures

for your foyer, staircase, waiting room, hallway, living room ...

floating above your head or at eyelevel, e.g. as room dividers in open-plan offices or waiting areas

Woge Front

MOBILES are a kinetic art form.

They are free-hanging pieces of art, set into movement by the slightest current of air. The term MOBILE was coined by M. Duchamp to describe Alexander Calder's moving sculptures, the latter being the creator of the first classic MOBILES in 1934.

My MOBILES mainly consist of Aluminium and Plexiglass.

The manufacturing process is intense and time-consuming, starting from the design through the hand-crafted construction of the elements to the final fitting. For example, all metal and Plexiglass elements are polished by hand.

I construct MOBILES - some in mini-series - in all heights and sizes, for living rooms, hallways, staircases, waiting rooms, foyers and as room dividers in open-plan offices and waiting areas.

The colouring of individual MOBILES within a mini-series may vary and can be discussed in advance if necessary.

I also design individual pieces to meet the exact demands of a variety of spaces.

With the help of contours, the colouring and the varying wind resistance of a MOBILE I can change, direct and improve the energy in a room. This aspect is of special interest to architects, interior designers and Feng Shui enthusiasts.